Who am I

Another insignificant nobody on an ambitious literary adventure, inspired by the proliferation of writers (of all genres) infesting this new digital virtual world.

Children’s stories always fascinated me and still do. It is so easy to capture the imagination of those fresh innocent minds, to whom, theme, character, plot, logic or reason in a story is completely irrelevant !!!

There was a time, when my daughter was a toddler, we had this bedtime ritual before she slept. Every night, we would pick up a completely random object or idea and I was to tell her a story on that. ‘Olaring’ in our native tongue means blabbering ūüôā The things my¬†daughter¬†and I picked for a story, would be totally ridiculous things, like cloud, pens, dustbins, pillows, about laughing, jogging, even going to the loo !!!¬†(I am not exaggerating !)¬†At some other times, there would be no theme or subject, I would just start with ‘Once upon¬† a time’ and made up my story as I went along. No logic or reason. But one thing I ensured the story always ended with a ‘happily ever after’.

More often than not,¬†one of us would have fallen asleep before the story ended. If I ended up snoring, my daughter would wake me up nudging, ‘ Hmmm Mama, tell me the story.’ and I would blabber away half asleep and poor thing would tire her little brain trying to follow my story and fall asleep !!!!

Not to say, I am¬†attempting to do that now here ūüôā Honestly, I am trying my hand at some serious story writing so that someday my dream of publishing a¬†book of children’s short stories becomes a reality.¬†In fact nothing would please me more, than to see a toddler enjoy¬†my picture book¬†or a¬†seven year old read a collection of my short stories !!¬† Oh, please let me dream on. Don’t you burst my bubble.

Since I am just learning to walk (in the literary sense of course !) I am attempting to do my illustrations using my own props ( yes pretty clumsily at the moment putting blotches of paint !) while other times I use free clipart. The props I use are my crochet creations which you can find here.

Please feel free to make suggestions, criticise, advice and once in a while appreciate and applaud too so I feel a bit encouraged to exercise my grey cells.




Please go on ... bouquets and brickbats equally welcome !

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