Choobina comes home



‘Maaammma’, little Krish called out from the back seat even as he opened the door and jumped out.

His mom just reversed the car into the parking lot in front of his nursery school and she knew what Krish’s excitement was about.

Ever since Krish was about a year and a half old, he had been watching the cartoon ‘Scooby Doo’ on TV every evening while having his dinner.  To him, every dog he saw on the street was ‘Choobina’ and he would rush to hug them.  He was now three and a half years  old and  a big  boy.

A few weeks back, while he walked to his school gate from the car, he spotted a big brown dog jumping out from the dustbin nearby. ‘Chooby choobina’ he called out and started running towards the dog. But the dog disappeared  into one of the side streets.  Distressed and crying Krish reluctantly walked to his class.

Two days later Krish sighted the dog again.    But this time it was under the huge oak tree near where his mom parked their car. ‘Krish’,  his mom slowly whispered trying to dissuade him. ‘Quietly get into the car and watch Choobina from inside. If you go closer to him, he will runaway’ she cautioned Krish. Not wanting to lose sight of the dog, Krish got inside the car and wouldn’t let his mom start the car.

Tucking some biscuits from his school bag into his pockets, he quickly unlocked the car door and confidently walked to the dog in quiet steps. Not to alarm both the dog and the child, his mom got out of the car and slowly walked behind him.

‘Choooooby’ he whispered lovingly to the dog as he stretched his palm with the biscuit.   Wagging her tail leisurely, the dog got up reluctantly and smelt Krish from a distance.  As Krish got closer with the biscuit in his outstretched palm, the dog inched closer to Krish wagging her tail. The biscuit from his hand fell down and Chooby lapped it up in a second !

‘Maaamaaa , Chooby ate my biscuit’ he shouted to his mom who was standing closeby worried.  Encouraged by this, Krish put his hand in the side pocket of his shorts, to fetch  some more  biscuits.  And the dog sat down in front of him looking in anticipation for another treat ! choobinalooking up ‘Here Chooby’,  Krish said taking out a wad of biscuits from his pocket half of them dropping on the floor into crushed pieces ! The dog tried to reach for the biscuits in Krish’s hand but his mom panicked and shouted, ‘Krissshh, No…Careful’.  This sudden and loud reaction from his mom, scared the dog away and Krish returned home very angry with his mom that day.

That night as his mom tucked him into his bed, she said, ‘Krish I know you are angry with mama today. I am so sorry to have hurt you darling. Here you have it from me. I promise, from tomorrow, you can feed Choobina, one full packet of biscuits. !!!

And so every single day when his mom came to pick him up from school, they would look for Chooby near the school, and feed him. Chooby and Krish became good friends as days went by and both looked forward to their ‘biscuit time’. Krish hated school, but Chooby just made going to school such fun now !

But today morning, as Krish got out of the car, he saw Chooby near the bush lying down.  As he went closer he  squealed at what he saw.  ‘Looooook lllllloooooook maaaammmma, come here come here, look’.

His mom locked the car and followed him. ‘ Oh my Krish !!!! That is sooo wonderful. Chooby has had babies !!! They are so adorable, aren’t they ‘ she exclaimed.   choobinasuckling2Krish was about to bend and touch Chooby and the pups but his mom cautioned, ‘no Krish not now. You should not disturb Chooby and her babies now’. 

Even as she completed her sentence, Chooby got up. Krish  reached for his bag and opened his lunch box and offered the sandwich to Chooby.

Poor Chooby  was clearly very hungry and she grabbed and gulped it in a second.  Seeing Chooby hungry, Krish emptied his lunch and snack box of their contents !!!  

‘Krish , now Chooby and her babies really need to be taken care of. I will talk to the school caretaker and see what could be done’ his mom said.

‘But mama, I want those babies and Choobina. We will take them home and give them food. I will take care of them’, Krish insisted and bent down to lift one of the pups.

‘No Krish. Don’t disturb them. Choobina will not like you touching them. They are just born and they need their mama. See how tiny they are !!  For a few weeks more, you should not separate them from their mama Krish’,  his mom explained to him.

‘Okay then, we will take them once they are old after a few weeks’ Krish persisted. ‘We shall see that later, but now it is getting late for your school and I need to talk to the caretaker too. Come on, let us go” she held Krish’s hand and pulled him away towards his class.

Protesting and crying not wanting to leave Chooby and her pups, Krish  would not move until his mom agreed to take atleast one pup home after a few weeks.

The caretaker Johnny was a jolly guy who loved dogs.  He built a warm and cosy makeshift kennel for Chooby and her new family near the oak tree. He along with Krish’s mother arranged to feed Choobina for the next three weeks.

Everyday before and after school, Krish and his mom visited Choobina and her adorable pups and spent time with them.

Days went by and the pups slowly grew and began to walk and stray around.

One day, after school as Krish walked towards the kennel, Choobina ran towards him frantically wagging her tail and whining helplessly.

As they reached the kennel, Krish was shocked. ‘ Oh my god, Choobs, where are your other kids ?’ he screamed. Krish’s mother was horrified to see only one pup around.

The caretaker who was following them, told them, that the animal welfare people had earlier come and taken away the pups to be given away for adoption.

Krish was angry, shocked and sad when his mom explained about adoption. He started crying when he understood that the pups would not come back and he would never see them again.

Choobina was very grief stricken and was helplessly searching for her pups.  As if he could understand Choobina’s mind, Krish suddenly ran towards where the lone pup was, behind the kennel, picked it up and quickly got into the car.  He opened the car door wide and called out to Chooby, ‘Chooobinaaaaa, come in here, come Choobs quick, Choooby get in, jump in. Mama just help Chooby into the car please. Come on Choobina quick. Otherwise those guys will return now, to take you and  your baby away .’ choobstanding With the help of Krish’s mother Chooby got into the rear seat of the car . ‘I love you Chooobs’, Krish hugged Chooby with one hand and holding the pup in the other commanded his mom, ‘Off we go home now mama. I am so happy. I am soooooo happy today. I have my own Choobina now’.

‘Woohoooo !!!! mama , and I have Stooby too ‘ . chooband pup2 Off went Chooby, Stooby, Krish and his mom, home. 

Krish lived with Chooby all through his high school and had fun playing with him when he returned from school everyday.choobina and krish Although Chooby became old and passed away, Stooby lived long after untill Krish finished his college and they were the best friends ever !!




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